The Most Effective Way To Heal Yourself

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are your own best doctor”? In many respects, it’s very true. I tell this to my patients all the time. When you have any kind of health concern, who is the person most in touch with the presenting symptoms, with how they are showing up and when, with how… Continue reading The Most Effective Way To Heal Yourself

How to make REAL LIFE your practice

Last week, I promised you more of the how-to re: really practicing your practice in everyday life. Though the formal discipline piece is absolutely fundamental (how will we ever get the skills unless we show up to baseball practice), it’s vital that we actually implement whatever we are training in the ‘game time’ of our… Continue reading How to make REAL LIFE your practice

How to feel happy

Have you ever noticed that when glimpsing our happiest, most sublime moments, we are surprisingly adept at covering this up with “protective”, often worse-case-scenario thinking? That those moments scare us so much that we have to put on a suit of armour in case it all goes horribly wrong? Brené Brown has famously said that “…the most terrifying,… Continue reading How to feel happy

Inward or Outward? Learn to shift your gaze

I have to share something I’m ashamed about. It’s uncomfortable. The other day, I attended the funeral for the passing of my friend’s mother. When I heard the news, I was really struck by how out of touch I had been in this friend’s life. I knew her mother wasn’t well and that my friend had… Continue reading Inward or Outward? Learn to shift your gaze

Bringing joy into your life

Let’s get right down to it. JOY. Don’t we all want our days filled with this dreamy quality? Does it seem out of reach? This used to be me: – Getting everything done for everyone else and leaving myself last – Disallowing ‘shortcuts’ around any task, whether menial or skilled – Running 5 days a week because… Continue reading Bringing joy into your life

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