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Mindfulness Coach Canada
Mindfulness Coach Canada

Dr. Ana Candia, ND

A little about me -

I used to think that yoga, meditation and mindfulness were probably great, for other people. I didn’t understand them, and I really didn’t think that I was “that kind” of person. I knew I wanted to feel calmer, happier, more connected. I had a good life, but something was missing. Thankfully I stayed open. Whether by sheer accident or blind intuition, I tried a few classes, attended a few retreats. The practices began to change me, thus everything changed. Mundane things became heightened experiences and low points in life were manageable. I felt strong in every sense and even blissful.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in over a decade of formal training and practice to bring you the most foundational teachings for living a well and joyful life. The sum of all those parts is MYNDSPACE. You are in the right place. Explore and stay open.

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How meditation, yoga and mindfulness offer the keys to living a clear, calm and contented life.

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How To Make Things Happen

How To Make Things Happen

I’ve been talking a LOT about routines lately. Essentially, counselling patients on the how to of implementing some of the healing and self-care strategies I’ve prescribed for

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