The ONLY Time Your Practice Really Matters

Are you real-life practicing the thing you want to achieve? Or have you spent countless hours / weeks / years in preparation only? This is an important distinction that I don’t often talk about. Quick example. Take meditation. You probably

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How to feel happy

Have you ever noticed that when glimpsing our happiest, most sublime moments, we are surprisingly adept at covering this up with “protective”, often worse-case-scenario thinking? That those moments scare us so much that we have to put on a suit of armour

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Why Consistency Changes Everything

When I talk to my patients about meditation or mindfulness, the refrain I repeat as though quoted from some holy book is that consistency is key. It’s important to know that what I DON’T mean by this is that we should set

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Bringing joy into your life

Let’s get right down to it. JOY. Don’t we all want our days filled with this dreamy quality? Does it seem out of reach? This used to be me: – Getting everything done for everyone else and leaving myself last –

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Your Just-Right Gratitude Practice

Last week I wrote about the art of finding the space between effort and surrender. I also promised you my step-by-step guide to finding the perfect balance point in your daily gratitude practice – and if you don’t have one yet…don’t worry, got

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Dr. Ana Candia, nD

Yoga & Mindfulness mentor, Wellness leader & Naturopathic Doctor

I’m a second generation Argentine-Canadian, a child of Nature and an incredibly proud mother of one.

Empowering you with the tools you need to feel great and live joyfully is my passion and my purpose. Thank you for being here!

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